Woman Wins $8 Million Jackpot... Before Casino Staff Tells Her the Machine Malfunctioned

(INSIDE EDITION) Veronica Castillo thought she had finally struck gold after pouring in $100 dollars' worth of nickels while playing the slot machine game "Jurassic Riches" when she won $8 million.

In an instant she was a multi-millionaire.

"I was in shock," she told INSIDE EDITION of winning what she thought was millions. "I was excited. I was in shock."

But those dreams were dashed when the staff at The Lucky Eagle Casino in Washington State told her there had been a malfunction with the slot machine.

Instead of the millions, she got a measly $80.35.

"They came to me and said: 'We have to shut off the machine.' Then I was asking: 'What about the prize?' They said: 'There is no prize.' It was horrible," she told IE.

In a statement the casino released on the incident, it said: "This machine offers a maximum jackpot of $20,000. The win claimed by Ms. Castillo is not legally or practically possible."

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