Woman's family heirloom stolen while visiting grave

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX (FOX 4 KDFW)- A Grand Prairie woman says she became a victim while visiting her grandmother's grave.

She left her truck unlocked at the cemetery and a thief took that opportunity to steal her purse and something priceless to her: her grandma's ring.

Della Ridgley was at her grandmother's grave around noon on Tuesday for about three minutes.

When she went back to her unlocked truck, her purse was gone.

"When I came, there was nobody out here," she said. "No cars, no people, no anything. That's why I think he had to be hiding behind a tree or a little concrete house there."

While Dallas police took a report, Ridgley got an alert on her phone that someone was using her card to buy $130 worth of cigarettes at a Family Dollar Store off Ledbetter and Hampton.

Surveillance video captured an image of the man using that card; it's unknown if he's the person who swiped the ring.

"I think that's the lowest of the low," said Ridgley. "Who does that? Who lurks on people that are in pain and at people's graves, grieving?"

Ridgley hopes that the thief who took the priceless heirloom also has a conscience.

"He can have all the rest of the stuff," she said. "I just want my one ring back."

Ridgley does have insurance on the ring, but a replacement won't have the same sentimental value.

The stolen ring is one her grandma had on her finger every day.

Her message to everyone else out there is to be on guard at the cemetery because you never know who's watching.