Woolwich Township police share important gun warning

WOOLWICH TOWNSHIP, NJ (WTXF) Would you be able to tell the difference between a "real" and a "fake" gun? The Woolwich Township Police Department shared images on Facebook to show how easy a replica gun could be a threat.

The post followed a traffic stop where police could not distinguish the difference between a driver's fake gun and a real one. As FOX 29's Bill Anderson explains police are now trying to show the public how difficult making a spilt decision can be for officers.

Can you tell which of the guns pictured above is a replica? It's nearly impossible sitting on a table but what about tucked into someone's waistband? That's exactly what happened to a Woolwich Township Police officer.

After seizing the gun, the police posted the picture on Facebook to give the public a better understanding of what they deal with on a daily basis. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this situation but we've heard of several situations where fake guns led to tragic outcomes. Something Chief Jaramillo hopes their Facebook post helps people understand.

So did you pick the right gun? Officers have to make that decision in an instant and want people to understand that in both Philly and New Jersey carrying even the replica could land you in jail, or worse.

Can you tell which one of these #guns is fake? A local #police department posted the picture after one of the officers...