World Series 2022: Philadelphia Phillies arrive home from Houston

The Phillies made a valiant effort in the World Series, with the team pushing further than most pundits expected to rise, but, ultimately, did not achieve the coveted championship they sought.

The Phillies arrived back in the Delaware Valley early Sunday evening, flying from Houston to the Philadelphia International Airport, where they boarded buses taking them to Citizens Bank Park.


A police escort led the buses to the park, where they were met by Phillies fans, who cheered as the buses drove by.

Bryce Harper took a moment to greet fans and take selfies with them, before heading into the complex.

Fans Stephanie and Olivia Allen described their feelings as they greeted Harper and got photos, saying, "It meant a lot. I’m shaking! It’s so exciting!"

On top of that, her son, Ryan, muscled his way to the front and was rewarded.

"I wanted to see the players and get pictures with them," Ryan Allen said.

"Did you ever think you’d get a picture with Schwarber? What does it mean to you?" FOX 29’s Ellen Kolodziej.

"It feels great!" Allen replied.

"Who did you get a picture with?" Kolodziej asked James Tucker.

"Bryce Harper!" Tucker answered.

"It’s really unreal. He’s been infatuated with Bryce Harper all season and the Phillies in general, so you just know that you got to meet his idol. Just a great experience! Kind of unreal, at the moment!" Ashley Tucker exclaimed.

Because, for the fans, it’s all about showing gratitude for a magical post season ride.