World War II Veteran Asks Facebook To Help Him Find Old Infantry Buddies

Please share! I would love to see any members that I served with in 1942 and 1943! I think most would be from Minnesota and Iowa!

Telfair County,Ga.--(STORYFUL)--Retired Private First Class John Knowles has launched a campaign on Facebook to find other veterans he served with in North Africa and Italy during the Second World War. Knowles returned home to Telfair County, Georgia, when he was injured in combat after almost three years of fighting with the 34th Infantry division, 135th Regiment, 3rd Battalion in I-company. He hasn't seen anyone in his division since.

According to reports, Knowles is a decorated war hero and picked up the Purple Heart for his service as his division served a total of 758 combat days, more than any other division during the war, according to Knowles.

Thousands have shared Knowles' photo, adding their own words of encouragement to his search.