Young girl fights for recovery as family motivates others

Nothing prepares a parent for the fear of losing a child but that's exactly the fear a local couple faced when their daughter nearly drowned. But even after 18 months since the scary accident they told our Bill Anderson that they see a bright side. They've found strength in their family and motivation to help others.

When Ally Turner was 7 years old, she nearly drowned in the bathtub and suffered brain damage. Ally was taking a bath 18 months ago when her head went underwater and she stopped breathing.

Her mother, Bridget, explained the terrifying moment when she and her husband found their daughter. "We ran up the steps, and when we got up to the bathroom Brad pulled her out and she was blue," she said. "She didn't have any heart rate. She was dead."

They performed CPR to bring their daughter's breathing back, but doctors were still unsure if the child would recover from her brain damage.

"We thought that we were going to have to take her off life support because she was on maximum life support at CHOP," said Bridget.

Any time the parents left their child, they would leave her with the same two words: "Just fight."

The words became a movement of community support, with T-shirts and messages proclaiming this motto.

Though she has a long road of recovery ahead of her, Ally has already improved and is determined to fight.

The Turners have created a nonprofit organization called "Just Fight" to help other parents receive the support they need for their children's medical care.

"We want to be that foundation that can say hey this is what you need, you'll have it," said Brad.