Young Millville siblings give back to the community through business

Two young entrepreneurs in Millville, New Jersey, are stepping up to help the community through their business.

She's more than a pretty face and he's more than a well-dressed handsome little guy.

"I was selling lemonade when I was 3 years old," said Joi Stevenson, who is now 6 years old. They’re entrepreneurs expanding their product and their brand. Joi has brought her 3-year-old brother Nate on board making it a family business.

"He does hot dogs and some bacon hotdogs and regular and pizza," she said. Nate-dogs they’re called.

"(What's your favorite food? What do you like to eat?) Breakfast," said Nate. So it only makes sense that he has a breakfast-hot dog, too. It's super cute but make no mistake this is a serious operation and well-oiled machine happening mostly from the front yard of their Millville home. Oh and shout out to their 16-year-old big sister for helping with the behind the scenes work.

Their mom, Felicia, and dad, Tyrone, say the coronavirus allowed them to focus the children more on helping others. Instead of selling this year, they're donating their nicely packaged product, dropping off to first responders, and kids in athletic leagues around South Jersey.

"I hope they learn to be entrepreneurs and see they can work for themselves and we started young. We're doing the groundwork and hope they pick it up and they learn how to really have the business skills and also give back to the community," said Felicia.

The lesson is sticking. Joi easily explains the business skills she and Nate are learning while having fun.

"You talk to people like loudly, you just give a way to people some food and talk to people very nicely," she said.

They hope to grow the business even more with a food truck and Joi says to someday sell her lemonade in stores.


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