Young Philadelphia boy asks mom awkward question in store, video goes viral

A local mother posted a hilarious Facebook video of her son asking an awkward and embarrassing question while shopping at a store.

Ugh I deleted it trying to change the privacy settings for my family who wanted to post it...i believe you can do it dnow..

Ebony Clark, from Philadelphia according to Storyful, posted the video on October 11. Since then, it has racked up over 5.3 million views.

The video features her son Chris holding up a pack of Always Maxi pads while down one of the store aisles and asking his mom, "Don't you use these for your butt?"

He repeats the question and even brings up evidence to plead his case, saying that he remembers his mother doing so in their "old house."

The video then ends when Clark says, "Put it back!"

Chris gives in, returning the item to where it originally was, unaware that his inquiry was about to be viewed by millions online.

Photos: Ebony Clark Facebook Page