Young woman saves teen from drowning

Gainesville Police are praising a young woman who rescued a 16-year-old boy who couldn't swim from the bottom of a pool at an apartment complex.

Police say 16-year-old Zyvion was with a group of friends at the Aviara Apartments on SE 16th Avenue when he accidentally fell into the deep end of the swimming pool. Zyvion can't swim, and he quickly sunk to the bottom of the pool. His friends also couldn't swim and couldn't offer any help.

According to a post on Gainesville PD's Facebook page - Emma saw the incident unfolding from her apartment window, ran to the pool, climbed over the fence and courageously jumped into the water. She pulled Zyvion from the bottom of the pool. He was not breathing, so Emma performed CPR until EMS and police could arrive.

Thanks to Emma... Zyvion is expected to make a full recovery!

Gainesville police will formally recognize Emma for her heroic actions in an upcoming awards ceremony.