Man brutally attacked meets the Flyers

Sometimes in sports and in life the right things happen.The Flyers made sure of that today. They welcomed Mark Smith, a young man with intellectual disabilities, who was brutally attacked in late May.

It's a day he will never forget. The smile on his face was priceless. In a sport filled with wins and losses today was a win-win. Smith plans are giving the goodies he got from the Flyers to children to make them just as happy as he was today.

Smith and his caregiver Pam Pendleton spoke with FOX 29 earlier this week.

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"I didn't like what happened to him and I just wish that there was something I could have done to help. But my main thing right now is to make sure he is happy and he continues to live like a normal life," Pendleton said.

Smith is getting back to his normal routine. He goes out to work to church and socializes. The community all know him to be helpful and friendly. It's been this way the past four years he's lived with Pendleton's family through a state-run program.

"I want everybody to see it's OK to come out, OK to see you living your life. You don't have to hide. You don't have to blame yourself because of somebody else's actions," Pendleton explained.

Authorities say the two boys who punched Mark are being charged.

Smith has gotten hundreds of letters and cards of support from people all over the world. He says he's looking forward to his 40th birthday party and he doesn't want to hear anything more about what happened to him. He wants everything to be "normal" he says.