Mike Jerrick re-creates Jason Kelce's now viral parade speech

Eagles center Jason Kelce was already a legend in Philadelphia.

After yesterday's parade, he's up there with Ben Franklin for eternal Philly rock star status.

First, it was his Mummers' outfit that stole the show.

Then, it was his unforgettable, impassioned five-minute speech. Speaking for every Philly fan, he talked about being the underdog.

Then he went on to list specific examples about every player on the Eagles, and even Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman.

Meanwhile, Philly police got in on the fun.

They tweeted... "We're not entirely convinced that this wasn't photoshopped....a huge thank you to all of our partners, and to all of you for making today's Eagles championship celebration a day to remember!"

The morning after the parade, FOX 29's Mike Jerrick found the outfit Kelce was wearing on Thursday and had a few words of his own.

You can hear what Mike had to say in the video above.