NFL Draft history and No. 1 selections since 1936

It may be 56 years since Philadelphia hosted an NFL Draft, but along with so many other Philly firsts -- the inaugural NFL Draft was held here in 1936, at the Ritz Carlton.

The draft was actually founded by Eagles owner Bert Bell, who eventually became NFL commissioner. It was originally called "The Player Selection Meeting." Bell created the draft because most top players were signing with just four teams: the Packers, Bears, Redskins and Giants.

The first player ever drafted was by the Eagles was Jay Berwanger. Ironically, he never played for the birds! The team couldn't sign him and traded his rights to Chicago.

The NFL Draft had previously been held at four sites in Philadelphia: the Ritz Carlton, the Bellevue Stratford, the Warwick Hotel, and the Racquet Club of Philadelphia. Now, of course, there's the Ben Franklin Parkway.

The last time the draft was held in Philadelphia was 1961.

All told, in the 56 years of the draft, it has only been held in seven cities: Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, Washington DC, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles.

The Eagles' 1st round pick history:

These are the players the Eagles chose the last time they used a 1st round pick (per position).
QB: Carson Wentz (2016)
WR: Nelson Agholor (2015)
TE: Keith Jackson (1988)
RB: Keith Byars (1986)
OT: Lane Johnson (2013)
OG: Danny Watkins (2011)
DT: Fletcher Cox (2012)
DE: Brandon Graham (2010)
LB: Marcus Smith (2014)
CB: Lito Sheppard (2002)

Which colleges have the most Eagles' draft picks come from (all-time)?

-Notre Dame (26) None since Trevor Laws in 2008
-Southern California (24)
-Ohio State (23)
-Texas (22)
-Georgia (21)
-Penn State (21, the last was Tony Hunt in the 3rd round in 2007)
-Louisiana State (20)
-Purdue (20)
-Arkansas (19)
-Texas Christian (18)

Which schools hold the longest streaks of consecutive seasons with a first-round pick (since 1967)?
Miami with 14 (1995-2008)
Florida with 9 (1983-1991)
Alabama with 8 (2009-2016, see below)
and a 3-way tie with 7: Florida again (1997-2003), Ohio State (1991-1997), and Pittsburgh (1983-1989).

You'll notice Alabama's streak is current, so if the Crimson Tide has a player selected in the first round of this year's 2017 NFL Draft, it'll tie Florida for the second-longest consecutive streak of players drafted in the first round since the advent of the common draft in 1967.

Selected from local schools (all-time):
-Delaware (1): Andy Hall, 2004
-La Salle (1): George Somers, 1939
-Penn (7): last was Eddie Bell in the 5th round in 1953
-Temple (5): last was Jaiquawn Jarrett in the 2nd round in 2011
-Villanova (10): last was Brian Westbrook in the 3rd round in 2002
-West Chester (2): last was Joe Jacone in the 3rd round in 1963