World Cup: Soccer fans across Philadelphia flock to Wells Fargo Center for USA watch party

The U.S. National team took on England in the FIFA World Cup Friday, with the match ending in a draw. It was an exciting game for soccer fans who flocked to watch parties across the area, including one at the Wells Fargo Center.

Flyers fans got to come into the center early to see the event, ahead of the Flyers game.

"Give me an underdog mask and you know, I’ll wear it. I am for the underdog at all times and, you know, forever I love soccer, I love soccer!" exclaimed fan Robin Brun.


"Little nervous. I mean, I was just stationed overseas. I’ve seen some games in England, myself. They play a lackadaisical type of football. We play soccer. That’s what it is. We’ll show them what’s up," Pierce Burgun stated.

Chris Thorte was born in England and is now living in Philadelphia. He was feeling torn. "It’s actually good because my family is American. They’re coming over in a bit. It’s going to be cool."

Fans like Robin and Jeff Brun love soccer and decided to celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary watching the game.

"This is our anniversary present to each other. We didn’t come to watch the Flyers, we came to watch the USA soccer game!" Robin exclaimed.

Husband Jeff added, "You know, presents after so many years just don’t cut much anymore. It’s experiences!"

A fun experience despite the zero to zero draw.

"Well, the English are the English and they’re still unhappy about the revolution," joked Samantha Phillips.

The U.S. will face Iran Tuesday, in the next round of the World Cup. Fans say they’re excited, but a little nervous.