Forecasters warn of flooding due to Delaware River ice jam

Not far from New Jersey's Capitol Building, icy-slushy water from the Delaware River has claimed the road. Massive chunks of ice and snow have spilled into each other--filling the river--forcing water over its banks.

75-year-old Arthur Hill has come to Trenton's Calhoun Street Bridge to document the ice flow.

"I'm a river rat. I just like to see the river at different positions. Dry in the summer flowing free. I've seen it at low tide with little more then rocks," he told FOX 29.

On Monday night, those rocks were covered with a layer of ice now home to massive flocks of birds.

Crews from New Jersey's DOT worked early Monday afternoon to keep the drains clear along a closed section of RT-29--feeding Trenton's Capitol region.

Workers didn't expect the road would open any time soon.

Across the Delaware, in Morrisville, Pa., River Road was living up to its name. The rising water forced the road to be closed. No homes appear threatened yet, but Ed Phalen who was there to take pictures was concerned.

"I think there's glowing to be some flooding and probably going to get worse as the day goes on this while area could get pretty bad--pretty quickly."

Closer to Philly in Bensalem the river is open as ice flows are seen on the Jersey side. Ice flows likely to cause trouble in the days to come.