PATCO train hits dangling utility pole; trains running on adjusted schedule

A commuter train heading from New Jersey to Philadelphia hit part of a downed utility pole during Monday morning rush, halting service and leaving thousands of commuters scrambling to get to work.

As of Monday evening, PATCO is running on an adjusted schedule. Trains will be departing approximately every 20 minutes and will be making all stops. With PATCO service resuming, NJ Transit has ended cross-honoring PATCO tickets.

PATCO says the Tuesday morning rush hour will operate on a modified schedule, but the evening rush schedule will depend on the status of repairs.

The PATCO train carrying 23 passengers hit the partially downed pole around 5:30 a.m. Monday, and service was completely shut down for more than three hours.

Four minor injuries were reported.

Transit officials say the utility pole appeared to have been hit first by a freight train on an upper track, leaving a section hanging over a wall and in the path of the PATCO train.

The shutdown created major traffic jams in the Philadelphia area.

The 14-mile line serves about 38,000 riders daily.