Early dose of summer has Philadelphia residents seeking relief

This weekend Philadelphia was treated to an early dose of summer.

With the calender still reading May, the thermometers looked more like July. Sunday marked the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures rising to 85 degrees.

And while some saw the spring masquerading as summer as a unique gift from Mother Nature, others were just trying to beat the heat.

"I played soccer today. We walked the dog and enjoyed the weather. It was sticky out though," Jordan Michael said.

"Once we can get inside the air conditioner we are staying in. It feels a lot better out tonight though."

In Logan Square, the fountain was packed with dozens of people.

Outside the Art Museum, Ron Gregory and his crew from Party Center were in charge of breaking down equipment after an event.

"It's hard work today plus it's hot out here. The humidity is really killing us," Gregory said. "You have to drink a lot of water so you don't get dehydrated and you'll be alright."

Joe Yang is one of the few people who didn't mind being out in the heat.

"It's nice out. It hasn't been this nice in a while. I just came back from traveling so I was like good day to go for a run and break out some sweats," Yang said.

Like it or not summer like temperatures will stick around for a bit, so if you missed getting out today there's always tomorrow.

"Next Sunday. Space it right," Yang said.