Philadelphia weather: Intense heat grips region as another heat wave looms

The Philadelphia area is bracing for another heat wave, with high temperatures in the 90s expected to last into next week. 

Saturday dawned hot, as forecasted, as temps across most of the region climb into the mid-90s. Humidity levels weren't as high, but the dew points were stifling, creating feel-like temps of over 100 degrees.

The only real relief is the Jersey shore, as even the Poconos and the Delaware beaches are also baking.

Sunday is to be a replica of Saturday.

Make sure you are taking precautionary measures to avoid heat-related illnesses, including staying indoors and keeping hydrated. Also, make sure your pets are indoors and check on your neighbors who may be vulnerable to the conditions.

The potential for another heat wave looms as a pair of 96s for the high are in the forecast both Saturday and Sunday, as high dew points are a concern.

Monday will also be hot and humid with high temperatures expected to reach about 94 degrees. Some relief is expected by Tuesday, when temps will reach the upper 80s.