Weather Authority: Rain set to clear out for sunny Tuesday afternoon ahead of dry, seasonable week

A line of thunderstorms from a cold front is moving quickly through the area ahead of another cold front, according to FOX 29's Sue Serio. 

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been canceled after Sussex County was hit with severe conditions, including heavy downpours and thunder. 

As both cold fronts clear the area, temperatures are expected to rise into the upper 70s by 11 a.m. 

Muggy conditions will linger throughout the day and some sprinkles could pop up during the afternoon hours. 

Overnight, temperatures will plunge into the 50s before rising Wednesday. 

Looking ahead, Wednesday will lead to a stretch of sunny and seasonable days. 


TUESDAY: Storms to sun. High: 80

WEDNESDAY: Less humid. High: 82

THURSDAY: Sunny, nice. High: 78, Low: 64

FRIDAY: Sunny, nice. High: 79, Low: 55

SATURDAY: Sunny, nice. High: 81, Low: 60

SUNDAY: Sunny, warmer. High: 86, Low: 63

MONDAY: Sunny, humid. High: 88, Low: 67