Weather Authority: Sun and wind combine for a chilly Saturday to kick off a wintry weekend

The sun is back Saturday, but so is that blustery windy to make for another chilly weekend across the Delaware Valley.

Sunny skies are here to stay all day, but you may still want to keep all holiday activities inside for today. Temperatures aren't expected to reach more than 41 degrees, with wind chill bringing the feel-like down even further. 

That wind will die down later tonight, but pick up again tomorrow for another sunny and windy day as Hanukkah begins.

Temperatures will again stay in the high 30s and low 40s as more wind brings even chillier temperatures.

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SATURDAY: Sunny, windy. High: 40, Low: 36

SUNDAY: Hanukkah begins. High: 40, Low: 29

MONDAY: Still windy. High: 42, Low: 29

TUESDAY: Not windy. High: 42, Low: 29

WEDNESDAY: Winter begins. High: 40, Low: 26

THURSDAY: Rain to snow? High: 40, Low: 32

FRIDAY NIGHT: Watching for snow. High: 30 Low: 28