Weather Authority: Temperatures plummet overnight ahead of a sunny, mild Wednesday

Tuesday's highs made it into the 60s across the region, although the chill in the air make it feel much cooler, especially compared to Monday's weather, which forecasters say was about 17 degrees warmer than today. 

Overnight temperatures will plunge into the 30s, making it the coldest it has been so far this season. 

Wednesday is expected to feel warmer than Tuesday as winds will die down and highs will be in the upper 50s with sunny conditions across the Delaware Valley.

Conditions stay dry until the end of the week when forecasters are predicting remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole to reach the area on Friday.

The heaviest rain is predicted for Friday night into the weekend before things dry out and get colder again. 



WEDNESDAY: Sunny and cool. High: 59, Low: 39

THURSDAY: Clouds increase. High: 69, Low: 43

FRIDAY: Veterans Day rain. High: 70, Low: 55

SATURDAY: Unsettled early. High: 65, Low: 63

SUNDAY: Drier and cold. High: 49, Low: 44

MONDAY: Cold for the Birds. High: 47, Low: 34

TUESDAY: Stays chilly. High: 48, Low: 32