Weather Authority: Tuesday evening showers will lead us into a chilly week

Scattered showers are expected across the Delaware Valley Tuesday night before a drop in temperatures overnight into Wednesday morning. 

Wednesday morning temperatures will linger between high 30s to mid 40s allowing for some snow is parts in North-Central Pennsylvania. 

The sun will come out later into Wednesday, with temperatures 15 degrees below normal for this time with winds up to 25-35 mph. 

A dry end to the week will take us to a milder Friday with a high of 61. 

The weekend will stay mild and sunny with temperatures in the high 60s. 

WEDNESDAY: Blustery and chilly. Low: 46 High: 55

THURSDAY: Stays blustery. Low: 37 High: 57

FRIDAY: Sunny and cool. Low: 38 High: 61

SATURDAY: Sunny pleasant. Low: 39 High: 65

SUNDAY: Lovely May day. Low: 41 High: 69