Willingboro residents tough out another night after storm knocks out power

PSE&G crews are all over Willingboro, New Jersey after powerful storms slammed the region Monday night.  It’s one of many areas still without power in pockets of certain neighborhoods hit hard.

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“I mean it just overwhelmed us,” said Beverly Sharp. After a night in a hot dark house, it was an even rougher morning.

“A nightmare. Imagine getting ready for work and you’re doing it by candlelight and a flashlight," she explained.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson talked to her Tuesday evening as she and her husband were leaving their house near Plumtree and Patriot Lane to go to dinner.  She called her daughter while she was at work because the power was still out.

“And said look go over to the house and take my meats. I’ll worry about the rest later,” she said. 

Other residents in the area went to the Kennedy Center after Willingboro Township police posted on social media that the township was setting up a comfort station there for people to get free supplies and charge electronics.

“We’re here to get some ice and water,” said Edward Swepson. He and his two daughters had gotten there just in time.  The center had to close earlier than expected when it lost power Tuesday night.  Edward says he just found out he may not get power back until Friday.

“I’m going to put them up in a hotel somewhere tonight because I don’t want to keep them in the dark house another couple nights. I’ll just stay in my house and put the family up somewhere else,” he said.

Back in the neighborhood, Joe Hilger is trying to keep his phone running.

“If this thing runs dead, if my car battery runs dead then I’m out of luck but this is how I’m surviving,” he said. He spent most of the day sitting on the porch trying to get some relief from the heat.

“Right now, I’m relaxed. I don’t care.”  He took FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson inside to show her the thermostat.  It read 82 degrees.  Joe says he was told his power would be restored by 11 p.m. Tuesday.

“What do I do? Maybe I’ll read a book and I got a grill in the backyard. It’s propane charge,” he said.

PSE&G is reporting 3,000 customers are still without power. 

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