Sudfeld, Eagles have more surprises for young fan who gave ball back

It wasn't the "Philly Special," but something super special happened at the Philadelphia Eagles game against the Washington Redskins last Sunday.

Quarterback Nate Sudfeld through his first NFL regular season touchdown to Nelson Agholor.

The cameras showed the touchdown but sort of missed what happened after Agholor caught the ball. He actually went up to a young fan in the stands and gave the ball to him.

But the only problem was Sudfeld wanted the ball.

The boy's mother captured the moment from another angle on her cell phone.

It was tremendous - 10-year-old Cohen Zechman was such a good sport! He gave the ball back, and the Eagles gave him a signed ball in return.

Cohen and his parents, Derrick and Leslie, joined "Good Day Philadelphia" on Friday morning to talk more about what happened.

Make sure to watch the video above to see the special surprises at the end of the interview. There was a recorded video message from Sudfeld for Cohen, and the Eagles' mascot, Swoop, flew in to provide the boy with a few more tokens of the Eagles' appreciation!

Then, Cohen and his family got to visit the Eagles' practice facility on Friday, too.