Tip more during pandemic? Etiquette expert has answers

A survey by Bankrate.com found 62 percent of food-delivery customers are tipping more during the pandemic than they did before.

And etiquette experts say we should absolutely be doing this.

Joining "Good Day Philadelphia" Thursday morning to talk more about this was Maryanne Parker, an etiquette expert with ManorOfManners.com.

It seems a lot of people are on board with the idea of tipping more at this time, according to the results of our GoVote this morning.

"I absolutely agree," Parker said. "And, actually, the new tipping guideline is between 25-30 percent. Of course, we always have people who might disagree with that because, you know, we are in very difficult circumstances right now. So, some people cannot really tip. But the people who were tipping before will continue to tip even more because we want to make everybody feel comfortable."

Parker added, "It's not really about the tipping etiquette today. It's more about helping each other out."

Here are some of the suggestions Parker shared on tipping in the time of COVID-19:

  • Curbside – 15%-20%
  • Delivery – 25%-30%
  • Grocery delivery – 25%-30%
  • Bartenders – $2 per drink/20% on open tab
  • Servers – 25%-30%
  • Hair stylist – 25%-30%
  • Manicurist – 20%


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