10-year-old allegedly steals car for the 4th time

(INSIDE EDITION)--A 10-year-old Florida boy was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing a car for the fourth time in the past six weeks, police said.

He was arrested just a day after he was charged for allegedly stealing another car, police said. Police said the boy cut off his ankle monitor six hours after it was placed on him and then allegedly met up with other teens, aged 15 and 16, to steal a vehicle.

Police reportedly said it was rather unusual for older teens to want to hang out with a young kid.

"He even looks like a 10-year-old," Capt. Jennifer Krosschell said. "When we (seized) the car he had stolen, the driver's seat was pushed up to the steering wheel."

The boy was was first arrested in June after police said he allegedly stole a car for the first time.

Since then, police said they connected the boy to two other car thefts.