10-year-old North Philly girl out of hospital after being shot in arm

"They said they can't take it out because it might damage the inside of my arm. So my skin has to push the bullet out," she said. She was treated and released from Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children after she was shot in the left arm around 6 o'clock Thursday evening. Two men were shooting at each other on Rosewood Street in North Philly where she lives.

"I started feeling it when I saw all this blood come down my arm. I looked at it and I just started crying," said Milan. Her mother didn't want us to give her name but is overcome with sadness.

"It's nothing I can do to protect my child," said the mother. She says it's the third shooting on their street in a week.

"I'm just tired of the violence. It's not ok for kids to not be able to play outside. My daughter is 10. There's no reason for her to be shot," said her mom, in tears.
Milan's grandmother says they had just gotten out of the car and were crossing the street to go in the house.

"All of a sudden we know shots popping out of nowhere," said Susan Purnell. "I didn't know what to do. All I saw was blood coming down my grandbaby's arm," she said.

Friday members of Philadelphia Ceasefire held a peace rally.

"Send a message to these men. Not on our block. Not on our block," they chanted. The group encouraged neighbors to say something if they see something.

"It's about having a voice because dissatisfaction brings about change," said the organizer.

The little girl's grandmother says enough is enough.

"I just want everybody to get along. They say black on black crime. Black is killing black and why would you shoot when you see my grandbaby outside?" said Susan.

Police say they've identified two men involved and are waiting on arrest warrants for them. They are still trying to identify a third man involved who they say fired shots out of a second floor window of a home during the incident.