106-Year-Old Man Honored with Birthday Cake

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -For many people, Englewood is synonymous with Chicago crime - shootings, murders, drug dealing. It is one of the city's roughest neighborhoods. But that hasn't deterred 106-year-old Henry Jenkins.

Henry Jenkins has seen a lot in the last 106 years.

Wednesday, this World War II veteran, who has lived in Englewood since 1971, was honored with a birthday cake.

Jenkins called this the best day of his life and reflected on how different Englewood was when he moved into his home 44 years ago.

"When I first moved in that house, I used to leave my door open, for two years I didn't have a lock on my door," Jenkins said.

Jenkins moved here from Crawford, Miss. in 1971 to find work.

"(There) Wasn't no crime, no breakin' in, no killin' no nothin," he said.

Back then, Englewood was still integrated. Jenkins' next door neighbor was white, he used to mow Jenkins lawn and bring him food.

"All acted like one family, the whole neighborhood was like one family."

Back then, he said the neighborhood was not only safe, but beautiful.

But not any longer.

Despite gangs and drug dealers who operate right outside his house, Jenkins says he feels safe.

"I don't worry about none of these young boys doing nothing to me, all of them know me. I don't feel like none of them would hurt me," he said.
FOX 32's Craig Wall had to ask this centenarian- who doesn't drink or smoke - for some advice on longevity.
"Treat everybody right and depend on the man upstairs. Depend on the Lord, Jesus Christ, depend on him. He'll take care of you."