11-year-old in inflatable T-Rex costume struggles to trick-or-treat on windy evening

When you’re trying to trick-or-treat in a T-Rex costume while it’s windy, the struggle is real. 

Erica Sayre Rhodes from Strongsville, Ohio was out on the evening of Halloween with her 11-year-old daughter. Her kid’s outfit was the popular T-Rex costume. 
Unfortunately, according to the National Weather Service, wind speeds reached up to 40 mph during the day, and were projected to increase through the evening.

Erica’s daughter was combatting the wind, trying to maintain a balance as winds whipped around her costume. That’s when Erica started recording video, and laughing.

In the video, the top half of her costume bends in all directions and Erica’s daughter tries to stay upright. During the ordeal, Erica couldn’t stop laughing.

“I…actually stopped recording because I knew I was about to double over in laughter,” she told FOX 13. “and we actually stopped trick-or-treating because the rest of us were freezing! She said she was cold, but not too bad. Mind you, she was in capri leggings, a T-shirt and a light jacket in there. The rest of us were in winter coats, so apparently the costume is warm.”