14-year-old NJ pug swallows more than 40 stones

A 14-year-old Pug decided to eat something pretty unconventional for dinner - 40 rocks.

According to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, 14-year-old Lucy's owners had no idea that the Pug had eaten anything unusual until she began to vomit rocks.

Lucy got some x-rays taken and more than 40 rocks were found in Lucy's stomach.

Emergency surgery was required to remove all of the stones from Lucy's stomach. Dr. Kerri Wells with Mount Laurel Animal Hospital performed the surgery.

Unfortunately, a rock lodged itself in Lucy's esophagus and she needed an additional surgery to remove it, since it was unable to be retried from inside the stomach.

Dr. Wells used an endoscope to retrieve the stone from her esophagus.

Lucy has recovered well after surgery and returned home.