16-year-old accused in deadly carjacking

A Ventnor family is in mourning after their 61-year-old grandfather was murdered the victim of a deadly carjacking. According to police, he was the victim of a deadly carjacking at the hands of a 16-year-old boy.

"He was getting down from the stairs over there near the last step and someone from the alley came in and shot him and took the car," said Winston Oswin. He can't understand why someone shot his uncle to death outside their home on Nashville Avenue in Ventnor City Thursday night.

"We didn't realize it for like two hours because we didn't go out. It was raining outside so we didn't know who was shot. He was like staying on the ground in the rain all through those two to three hours then a detective came and informed it was our uncle."

Oswin says his uncle was a family man with two children and three grandchildren.

"He's a humble person and a responsible man," said Oswin. Tonight a candle sits at the bottom of the porch steps where 61-year-old Sunil Edla was left to die. He was leaving to go to work at Roadway Inn in Atlantic City when investigator say a 16-year-old shot him several times then took off in Edla's car.

They arrested the teen Friday morning after finding the car in Atlantic City.

"He's so loving, a loving grandfather, my kids lost his grandfather and there's no words to say," said his daughter-in-law Jyostna Kandikitla. She says he played with her son outside after he started his car to warm it up. He had just taken his grandson inside and left back out when he was shot.

"He just left my son inside and he walked down and it's done that's it," she cried. The family doesn't understand why the suspect had to shoot him. Edla also had a plane ticket to go to India December 27th.

"To visit his mom because it's her 94th birthday in India. He had so many plans. He packed all his stuff. He got his ticket," said Kandikitla. After the victim's car was found investigators were able to identify and track the suspect with the help of the Atlantic City Surveillance Center.