17th century cabin up for sale in Gloucester County

Here's a chance to step back in time. A beautiful 17th century cabin is up for sale in Gloucester County. It'll cost you close to a cool 3-million dollars and it comes with a few conditions.

The historic Nothnagle log cabin it's tucked away just south of Philadelphia, across the Delaware in Gibbstown, New Jersey. It's all part of the 1.3 acre property where Harry and Doris Rink are owners, curators, and tour guides. Harry bought it from uncle Charlie Nothnagle Jr. 50 years ago.

And it can all be yours--the asking price --2.9 million.

"I'm 88 years old(laugh) we want it to come to somebody who will take care of it the way we take care of it," Harry said.

"And he's not able to do a lot of the things he used to do," Doris added.

Like finding similar clay and patching the place himself.

And there's another condition, the Rinks are asking that they be allowed to live here as long as they can.

"It's reasonable to think they would do something with it. Not what we would do or have the resources to do," Doris said.

That's why the Rinks won't charge for tours and won't even accept tips. They would never dream of selling any of the rare artifacts here either. They told FOX 29's Joyce Evans there's no price on preserving history