$1M scratch-off ticket sold in Bucks County

A $1 million winning Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off ticket was sold in Bucks County, lottery officials announced Wednesday. 

The most recent winning ticket was sold at the Pantry Food Mart on Trenton Road in Fairless Hills. The retailer earns a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Bucks County is on a lottery winning streak. When you think about Bensalem what do you think of? Well, it's been in magazines for like its trees. It's like a tree city,” said Gary Smelcer. Close but not a winner. We are talking green though. A recent lucky streak is sweeping through one area of Bucks County.  It started at this Wawa on Bristol Pike in Bensalem.

"Oh wow, I was just looking the other day I was in there. I only had like a dollar and they only had like $2 dollars in the machines and I didn't go up to the register. It could have been me,” said Smelcer. Last Sunday, someone bought a Fast Play ticket and won just over a half-million dollars.

"What? Wow," said Dianna Searfoss.  Dianna says she's all about scratch-offs.

“I am the scratch-off queen right here," she said.  However, she says she has never come close to the recent winnings.

"I win like $2, $5 dollars or $10,” she said.  No one has claimed the half-million sold here but a day after that ticket was sold a woman spent just $20 on a scratch-off at the Food Pantry Mart on Trenton Road in Falls.

"She was shaking like literally, she had no idea what to do," said the clerk who sold her the ticket. He doesn't want to be identified but says the woman hit for a million on July 9. He says she’s a regular customer there.

"She was surprised. She wasn’t believing. She probably thought she was just dreaming. She wanted me to verify it was real," he said. “She handed me a $1 million

"She handed me a $1 million ticket without putting her name or anything on the back of the ticket," said the clerk. This store alone is pretty lucky.  Above the register hangs three big winnings.  The one from Sunday, another $1 million ticket June of last year and one for $3 million sold November of last year.

"I buy lottery tickets because one chance in 10 million is better than no chances in 10 million,” said Smelcer.

Winners should immediately sign the back of the ticket, call the Lottery at 717-702-8146 and file a claim at the nearest Lottery office.