2 different New Jersey cities are dirtier than New York City, study says

Living in the city is never as glamorous as you may think, especially when you find yourself in the dirtiest cities in the country!

That's the case for two cities in New Jersey that both cracked the Top 5 in a recent "Dirtiest Cities in America" study.

Newark came in at No. 2 after being knocked from the top spot by Houston.

Jersey City wasn't far behind, ranking fifth among 152 cities in the US.

And both outranked New York City, despite its reputation for trash and rats.


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Rankings were based on pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction.

Here are the Top 10 Dirtiest Cities:

  1. Houston, TX
  2. Newark, NJ
  3. San Bernardino, CA
  4. Detroit, MI
  5. Jersey City, NJ
  6. Bakersfield, CA
  7. San Antonio, TX
  8. Fresno, CA
  9. Oklahoma City, OK
  10. Yonkers, NY