2 friends find out they were switched at birth 41 years ago

(INSIDE EDITION)- Two friends in Canada learned this weekend that they were switched at birth.

Forty-one years after they were born in a federally run hospital in Manitoba, David Tait and Leon Swanson had their DNA tested and were handed the heavy news.

Shockingly, in the last year another set of men learned they were switched at birth at the same hospital as Tait and Swanson that same year.

At an emotional press conference held in Winnipeg over the weekend, the men demanded to know what on Earth was going on at Norway House Hospital in 1975.

"40 years gone -- I don't know -- distraught, confused, angry," a weeping Tait told reporters. "We want answers. We want answers. I want answers so bad."

The men both live in the same remote First Nations community where they were born. They say the small town has long been rife with rumors about the two men.

"Since we were like 20 years old, people been teasing us... jokes and all that," Swanson said, recalling suggestions that he and Tait more resembled the parents and siblings of the other.

Back in November, two other men in Norway House Cree Nation received the exact same Earth shattering news.

Those men were born just months after Swanson and Tait in the same publicly-run facility.

Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott told Reuters the second case has her "deeply troubled." She said the health department would hire an independent party to investigate further.