3 convicted in Berks County on variety of charges, including brutal 2018 quadruple murder

The leaders of a drug gang accused of moving narcotics on the streets of Reading and enforcing their will with violence have been convicted in federal court in Philadelphia.

In Reading, federal, city and county law enforcement gathered Thursday to mark what they believe is the breaking of the back of the Feliciano-Trinidad Drug Trafficking Gang.

The gang and its leader, Jesus Feliciano-Trinidad, were accused of the January 2018 killing of four people along South 3rd Street. The local district attorney says the gang was fighting to take control of the local drug trade and violence was their preferred method.


Feliciano-Trinidad, 33, along with 29-year-old Dewayne Quinones and 25-year-old Mayco Alvarez-Jackson were convicted Wednesday in Philadelphia with murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking and weapons offenses.

Berks County District Attorney John Adams said, "I’ve described this drug trafficking organization as the most violent drug trafficking organization we’ve ever witnessed in our community. They created mayhem."

On South 3rd Street, where the four victims were slain, Alex Panott stands in a doorway just doors away. The Reading resident remembers the terrible day in January of 2018. He said he remembers the fear and recalls how residents were not allowed to go outside. Panott said things are "Way better now."