'Really gruesome': 3 killed, 1 injured when car strikes pedestrians, crashes into Philadelphia SEPTA station

Three people are dead after a car crashed into a SEPTA station in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood, authorities say. 

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Police say a car traveling at a high rate of speed crashed into a turnstile, pedestrians and then the Allegheny Avenue SEPTA station. 

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small says the crash happened around 2:45 a.m. when an officer on detail at Kensington Avenue and Allegheny Avenue saw a Honda Pilot traveling at a high rate of speed. 

The officer heard the vehicle first and believes it was "easily going 100 miles per hour," Small says. 

Authorities say the car jumped the curb and hit a metal turnstile, hit three pedestrians standing on the pavement and then struck the Allegheny Avenue SEPTA station. 

Small says the crash was "really gruesome" as one of the victims was decapitated and their body was dismembered and burned due to a car fire that started after the crash. 

The body of another victim believed to be a female was severely mangled and crushed, according to police.  

Police say the driver of the car and two pedestrians were pronounced dead on scene at 3:00 a.m. and a 53-year-old man was transferred to Temple University Hospital, where he is in stable condition. 

Small says little is known about the driver, but the car is registered outside of Philadelphia. Officials say it is still too early to know if substances were involved in the crash.

Police say the crash is caught on video and investigators plan to speak with the pedestrian in stable condition. 

Due to the incident, the Allegheny Station was being bypassed and shuttle buses were running in both directions between Somerset and Tioga. 

Hours later, SEPTA announced that train service to Allegheny Station in both directions resumed.