3 possible witnesses in weekend Haverford murder sought

Police hunting for the suspected killer of a man on the Main Line are now trying to track down three possible witnesses who they hope can help.

Several agencies are involved in the search for Derrick Rollins of Southwest Philadelphia, who is accused in two shootings within an hour on Saturday.

Wednesday, Haverford Township police released photos of three people they think may have seen the crime. They are a boy on a bike, and a woman and a man walking along the sidewalk.

Tuesday, they identified 24-year-old Rollins as the suspect wanted in the killing of 29-year-old John Le of Narberth. He was leaving a pizza shop on Haverford Road at about 6 p.m. Le was walking to a friend's home and Rollins may have thought he was a delivery driver carrying cash. His cellphone was stolen.

About 45 minutes earlier, a man in Overbrook Park accused Rollins of loitering, and Rollins allegedly fired 17 shots.

No one was injured, but witnesses say they saw his charcoal gray Volvo driving erratically in broad daylight, and were able to get the license plate number.

Tuesday, detectives found Rollins' Volvo S60 at 51st and Locust streets, not far from where Le's cellphone pinged an hour after the murder: to an area near 40th and Market streets in University City.

Le worked as an accountant at Sneaker Villa on Arch Street in Center City.

Police had already released surveillance pictures of the suspect, running away from the Havertown murder scene; then a surveillance picture of him showing a clear shot of his face without his hood; and a previous mug shot.

They say they don't know how far Rollins has gotten, but think he's in Philadelphia, even though he has connections outside the city.

There is a $7,500 reward out for Rollins' arrest and conviction. You're asked to call 911 if you think you see him.