3 shot, 1 killed near baseball field at California college

CALIFORNIA-One person was killed and two others injured in a shooting Thursday near a baseball field on the campus of a California college, officials said.

The shooting happened around 4:30 p.m. local time at Sacramento City College, Rick Brewer, the school's public information officer, told Fox News.

The campus, located in Sacramento, Calif., was placed on official lockdown inside the police perimeter, but officers were releasing groups of students and staff as they cleared buildings, authorities said. Evening classes were canceled following the incident.

All three victims were men. One has been declared dead, one was being treated at a hospital and one was taken to a hospital but required no treatment, police said. No further details on the injuries were released.

Sacramento Police said in a series of tweets the shooting took place in a parking lot near a baseball field on the southern edge of campus, and the suspect was described as a man wearing a white shirt and beige cargo shorts.

Police said it wasn't immediately clear whether the gunman or the victims have any connection to the college.

Freshman Kimberly Jenkins said she was coming out of class when police descended on the school, telling the Sacramento Bee that "We saw the cop cars just zoom through" campus from all directions.

Jackie Flores, 50, who lives across the street from the parking lot, said she heard four or five shots. "It all happened so fast," she told the Bee.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.