4-year-old and her grandfather drown in pool

(INSIDE EDITION)--A Maryland man died along with his 4-year-old granddaughter after he jumped into a pool to save her while she was drowning.

Lemuel Kane, 51, and his granddaughter, Aryannah Wooten, were reportedly in a neighbor's pool when the tragedy happened on Thursday afternoon.

Aryannah, who could not swim, reportedly jumped in the deep end with some of the neighborhood children.

Kane, who also could not swim, jumped in right after to try to save her, but began struggling in the water, according to reports.

The other children in the pool ran to the girl's great-grandmother, who then found the pair at the bottom of the swimming pool, according to reports.

She quickly called 911, reports said. "The fire department immediately pulled both of the victims out of the pool, they aggressively tried to resuscitate both of them," Lt. Jen McKee of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department said.

Kane and Aryannah were both rushed to the hospital in critical condition where they were later pronounced dead.