7-Year-Old Boy Killed by Stray Bullet as He Ate Cake Inside His Home

(INSIDE EDITION) A 7-year-old Kentucky boy was killed by a stray bullet that struck him in the neck as he sat at his kitchen table eating a piece of cake and playing on his iPad before bedtime, police said.

Authorities pleaded for the public's assistance Tuesday in locating the shooter, who is believed to have been involved in a fight outside the home of first grader Dequante Hobb.

"This little child deserves justice," Louisville Metro Police Det. Stephen Snider said Tuesday in a news conference. "I just need your help."

A dispute over dice led to shots being fired, Snider said. One pierced a side window of little Dequante's house, where he lives with his mother and grandmother.

"It hit my baby in the neck," mom Micheshia Norment told local reporters after Sunday's shooting.

"I tried CPR on him myself. I got a pulse from him," she said. He died hours later at a nearby hospital.

"There [was] no way they could save him," his mother said. "No way they could save him."

No witnesses have come forward, prompting police to beg for help.

"There was a group of people out in this backyard and a fight happened," police Lt. Emily McKinley said Monday. "Someone pulled a gun and fired shots.

"Obviously, no one intended for a 7-year-old to be killed, but unfortunately, that's where we are today, and I'm pleading for them to come forward," she said.

"It this doesn't wake anybody up, then I don't know what will."