77-yr-old woman crochets winter hats for needy kids in Pennsylvania

A 77-year-old woman getting big support from strangers around the country--

All because of her love of crocheting and helping kids in need.

This is Mary Dippolito.

She spends forty hours a week crocheting.

"I do it by touch, because when you get old, your eyes get strained."

"I feel like because I'm old, I don't want to be just sitting rocking away, or watching TV, you know!"

Among her favorite items to crochet are winter hats.

But these winter hats are what make Dippolito so special.

You see once the winter hats are made, she sends them to Catholic social services, where they are handed out to needy kids.

Dippolito says she decided to help other people's children--

After her daughter died last year.

"I don't like to be useless.

"Wow, you know, I don't have anybody, and I'm very lonely and that's that makes me feel very good, I really appreciate so much, this."

Dippolito's story has touched so many, that people around the country have been mailing her boxes of yarn and money to help maintain her work of crocheting for people in need.