8-year-old Marlton girl writes star for help with disorder plaguing her baby sister

An 8-year-old Marlton girl wrote a star for help with a disorder plaguing her baby sister.

"She's still able to be happy," said 8-year-old Taryn Connor. She lights up talking about her 5-year-old sister Brynn who has Rett Syndrome. It's a rare neurological disorder caused by a genetic mutation on the X chromosome so it mostly affects girls.

"She really doesn't care at times. She's just acting like a normal kid like she doesn't have it," said Taryn whose caring spirit and busy little mind one night came up with a way to help her sister and others like her.
After watching one of her favorite shows she sat down and penned this touching letter.

"Hi. My name is Taryn Connor. This my little sister Brynn. She's five," said Taryn reading her letter. She wrote specifically to singer Gwen Stefani.

"She is really into girl power and I realized that and I just figured out that Rett Syndrome is an all-girl disease so I thought she would be a great addition to team Brynn," Taryn explained. In the letter she tells of Brynn's challenges with not being able to walk, talk or use her hands.

"But she's very smart and understands everything you say. My family's goal is to raise enough money to cure Brynn," she read from the letter.

Shawn and Kristen, the parents, posted the letter on Facebook hoping it makes it to the star who they hope will help them raise awareness about Rett Syndrome.

Brynn wasn't diagnosed until she was almost three years old after seeing doctor after doctor starting when she was nine months old.

"One of her neurologists noticed this hand wringing that she does which is one of the tell-tale signs of Retts syndrome," said Shawn. Kristen is proud of the voice her oldest daughter wants to be for Brynn.

"I think that she has a mission and she wants to change her sisters life," she said.

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