8-year old's cancer diagnosis inspires New Hope community

NEW HOPE, PA (WTXF) - A stunning diagnosis for an 8-year old with brain cancer that seemed to have come out of nowhere has brought a local community together. All his family is asking for is your prayers.

Tonight, they've got a lot more.

FOX 29's Brad Sattin reported from the FOX 29 newsroom and says this family has been through enough challenges.

This diagnosis is just one challenge they're facing, but they're still smiling and inspiring a lot of people.

A photo of Dominic Liples starting second grade last fall shows his athletic spirit and outgoing personality, according to his mom.

"This kid never needed more than a band aid in his life," Kira Liples said.

No one could have imagined how Dominic would finish second grade, a transformation happened on March 7,

"I noticed his arm, he wasn't using his left hand to put on his socks and shoes. and then I noticed his arm was drooping, and by the time he came home from school that day, he had a limp and his smile was a little crooked," Kira said.

The stunning diagnosis? Dominic had a brain tumor. He had to cut short a party and fundraiser in his honor on Sunday. He was too tired, having already been through chemo and radiation, with another year of it ahead, but the prognosis isn't good.

"They've told us very few children survive this stage of cancer," Kira said.

But the party went on at Havana in New Hope. At least 600 people turned out for the fundraiser to help his parents, who both work there. Ken Liples, Dominic's father, is also the director of a Christian pre-school.

"I still don't believe this is really happening, but we have to fight with him. But it is what it is, and we have to just fight with him," Ken said.

But it's not just supporting Dominic's challenges. They have another son, 5-year old Ciarlo, born with Spina bifida. You won't find a cuter little boy describing his little brother.

They all met the Philly Phanatic today. In May, Dominic also was paid a visit by former Phillies Tommy Green and Darren Daulton, who also fought a brain tumor.

Many people say they family has never asked for anything except for prayers, but the New Hope business community and their Doylestown church community stepped in anyway.

"We're family. and when somebody in family is hurting or needing, it doesn't matter. everything else doesn't matter. and you just come forward and do everything you can to help," Mark Stevens, restaurant owner told FOX 29.

If you would like to help Dominic and his family, click here.