9-years-later Officer Cassidy's legacy remembered

There was a big turnout Tuesday night in West Oak Lane to remember a fallen hero.

It's been nine years since someone gunned down Officer Chuck Cassidy in a Dunkin Donuts, but the pain is still there

The 25-year veteran would have been a grandfather today.

His young granddaughter, whom he never got to meet, was among the family gathered tonight to remember him.

"I don't know if it gets any easier actually," Judy Cassidy, Officer Cassidy's widow, explained.

Nice years later and his family is still fighting back tears.

In the time since her husband's death- life hasn't gotten easier for Judy Cassidy, but it has led to new legacy.

"We have a new addition. Charley. And she was born a day after Chuck's birthday," Judy explained.

His first granddaughter is named after him.

Charley's parents were just teenagers themselves when their dad. A 25-year veteran was shot and killed when he walked into an armed robbery at a West Oak Lane Dunkin Donuts.

"He was a family man. He was a religious man. And community oriented," Capt. John McCloskey of the Philadelphia Police explained.

More than a hundred officers from every district, and from every unit, stood in attention with candles in hand.

As a police helicopter flew above north Philadelphia in Cassidy's honor.

Many officers who came to memorialize Officer Chuck Cassidy were among some of the very same officers who responded to the shooting the claimed his life.

"It's important to know that we have their back. But we're here for them and we're going to continue to be here for them, "Inspector Anthony Washington said.

Little Charley may have lost a grandfather, but she's gained about 7,000 aunts and uncles.

For Cassidy's family, time helps the healing.

"She's like the light in our life now," Judy said, "We're happy. Again. I find myself, we laugh a lot more now that we have her. It's just great. "