99-year-old woman gets ears pierced to celebrate upcoming birthday

Delaware County (WTXF) Nettie Weiss, of Delaware County, is always on the go. Hard to believe this lovely lady is just shy of her 100th birthday.

"I love life. I love being around people. I love my family," she told FOX 29.

Nettie was born on September 26, 1916. She married the love of her life, Albert Levitt, in April of 1940 and had four sons with him.

"I have 10 grandchildren and I have 14 grandchildren with a 15th on the way," she explained.

Today, FOX 29 caught up with this great grandma at the Springfield Mall where she decided to celebrate becoming a centenarian by getting her ears pierced.

Nettie had pierced ears years ago but the holes closed up and she wants to wear the beautiful diamond earrings her late first husband gave her so many years ago.

"That was really my true love, my children's father, died at 53, unfortunately," she said.

Some of the staff from the Wesley Enhanced Living Mainline where Nettie lives accompanied her on this latest escapade.

Nettie does work out in the retirement home gym in the strength training room and does aerobics. Everyone says she's a real inspiration.