A New Jersey woman wins big with old lottery ticket

A New Jersey woman's life was changed today after she found an old winning lottery ticket just before its expiration date.

Yokasta Boyer of Clifton in Passaic County has little time to keep up with her housework because she works two jobs.

Although she is usually very busy with work, tax season had arrived and she knew she needed to take some time to get her income tax forms in order. As she rummaged through her documents and organized her papers, she was surprised to find an old lottery ticket.

Boyer decided to check the numbers on the Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket on the Lottery website. She was so shocked by her internet discovery, that she asked her brother to double check the numbers.

Her ticket from the 2015 drawing showed that she was the winner of $472,271. The ticket would have expired on April 14, 2016, but she filed her claim just in time on April 1.

Other than paying off her existing debts, Boyer has no definite plans for spending her winnings. Since she currently works 60 hour weeks, including Christmas holidays, the money will help her have more time for friends and family.

Boyer bought her lucky winning ticket at the Quick Mart on 155 Lakeview Avenue in Clifton, Passaic County.