Absecon Police searching for man straight out of 1998

Police in Absecon are searching for a shoplifter with a pretty outdated look.

In a hilarious Facebook post, Absecon Police describe the man who they say stole from an Absecon CVS.

They first explain that the photos included in the post are from September 20, 2016 and not September 20, 1998.


Well, the man is sporting a frosted tips hairstyle and ripped jeans, which the police department hilariously notes could suggest that he's a "laid-off boy band member."

"Perhaps boy band groupie who lost his calling around the late 90's/early 2000's when these bands started their decline and stopped touring," they continued.

"Times were tough then. JT left *NSYNC in 2001 (one of our detectives is still getting over it). The Backstreet Boys took a break that same year. Unless you had the foresight to jump on that Jonas Brothers train you might have found yourself out of work. Again, not judging. Just trying to get a read on people.

"Now it's 2016 and times are still hard and people are still out of work. Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do to survive. However shoplifting is still against the law. The CVS in #Absecon lost some merchandise when the gentleman in the pictures ran out without paying.

"We haven't seen that hairstyle in a while and feel it stands out. If you recognize this man please contact the Absecon Police Department. Tips can be anonymous, unless they're frosted. There's no way that can stay anonymous."