Additional Charges Filed in Jewelers' Row Abduction and Attempted Robbery Case

Authorities announced that additional charges have been filed in the Jewelers Row abduction and attempted robbery case.

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According to authorities, Salahudin Shaheed, 34, Khayree Gay, 31, and Basil Buie, 23, all of Philadelphia, Pa., were charged July 2nd by superseding indictment with conspiracy, kidnapping, and attempted Hobbs Act robbery. The superseding indictment adds the conspiracy charge to the existing indictment that charged Gay with attempted Hobbs Act robbery and kidnapping, and adds defendants Shaheed and Buie.

Shaheed allegedly recruited defendants Gay and Buie, a/k/a "Basil Tucker," to rob National Watch and Diamond Exchange, which is located at 101 S. 8th Street in Philadelphia, to obtain luxury watches, jewelry, and money that Shaheed said could be found there, according to the indictment, The indictment alleged that the defendants conducted surveillance of National Watch and the store's employees from a parking lot located on Chestnut Street. According to the indictment, they conducted surveillance to identify and then, in disguise, abduct an employee from whom they would forcibly obtain keys, security codes, and the code to the company's safe from which the robbers would steal luxury watches, jewelry, and money.

Authorities say on April 3rd, Shaheed identified the employee to target but postponed the robbery when the victim entered the parking lot accompanied by other people. The next day, on April 4th, the defendants returned, according to authorities. They saw the employee enter the garage and approach her car, Shaheed and Buie, wearing masks, gloves, and sunglasses, confronted the victim, Shaheed assaulted her with a Taser, and they kidnapped her, authorities say.

According to authorities, if convicted, each of the defendants face a maximum possible statutory sentence of life in prison, five years of supervised release, a fine of up to $750,000, and a $300 special assessment.