Adorable "mom-to-be" searching for furever home

A volunteer with the Charlotte SPCA is working to get results for a pregnant pup who had a very special photo shoot as she waits to find her "fur-ever" home.

Ima the dog has had a long journey. She was left with a local woman after her family decided to move and abandoned her at a local kennel.

The neighbor who Ima went to live with previously had three dogs who were all run over, so she was happy to take in Ima.

Unfortunately, Ima escaped her backyard, which was surrounded by a 6-foot fence, by jumping over the 4-foot gate.

Ima was gone for a month and when she came back to the home, she was pregnant. Knowing she couldn't afford to take care of Ima and her soon-to-come puppies, the neighbor brought Ima to Paws of Piedmont who then gave her to the Greater Charlotte SPCA.

Now, Ima's foster mom, Sarah Freeman, is trying to raise money to help the mom-to-be who will need veterinary care, along with her pups. She organized a special "maternity photoshoot" that she posted to social media so she could get Ima's story out to the public.

If you would like to help Ima, you can contact the Charlotte SPCA here.