Airshow returns to Joint Base McGuier-Dix-Lakehurst after 5 year hiatus

For the first time in five years, Joint Base McGuier-Dix-Lakehurst held a free airshow that organizers hope will inspire the next generation of military aviation fanatics. 

The event, called Power in the Pines, was placed on hold for half a decade due to finical backing, the coronavirus pandemic, and the base being used to house Afghan refugees. 

"It's been a long time since we've been able to open the base to the public due to several conditions and reasons, but now we have a literal line of school buses half a mile long to let the kids in on day one of the airshow," Col. Bert Wesley Adams told FOX 29. 

Onlookers watched in amazement as several aircrafts - including the crowd-favorite F-15 - streaked across the skies at breakneck speeds and pulled off impressive maneuvers. Youngsters became starstruck when they met the pilots they watched take flight. 

"They’re asking for everyone’s autograph which I think is so special, make these men and women feel loved and supported." 305th Air Mobility Wing Commander Colonel Elizabeth Hanson said. 

She hopes airshows inspire the next generation of military pilots, especially young girls.

"I’ve read some studies that most females made their decision to be a pilot before age 10, most had a role model or someone they knew in aviation to get there," Col. Hanson sad.

More information on Power in the Pines can be found on the Joint Base McGuier-Dix-Lakehurst's website.